How do I get credit assurance?
The Originator-servicor maintains the right to reject applications based on factors not included in the Credit Criteria. Such factors include judgements, over-exposure to debt, and credit reports It is the responsibility of the Originator-servicor to verify all information utilized to conduct a credit assessment.
Does the NHFC finance construction?
The NHFC enables home-seekers to access finance to buy, build, rent or improve their homes. The Corporation does not finance construction companies.
Who can access finance from the NHFC?
Any homeseeker from a household with a monthly income between R1 500 and R15 000 can apply for finance from an NHFC accredited lender.
Where can I get finance?
As both a retail and wholesale funder, the NHFC does provide funding directly to the end-user but also through a network of accredited lenders across the country. A home seeker may approach these lenders directly or contact the NHFC.
Can I apply for a housing subsidy through the NHFC?
Applications for housing subsidies are made directly to government through the local and provincial government housing offices.
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