FLISP and the NHFC

In the affordable housing sector, through enhanced insights and knowledge, the NHFC plays a multiple role as an Innovator, Financier and Facilitator by ensuring viable housing finance solutions; sustainable human settlement growth and engagement of relevant partnerships. The National Department of Human Settlements (NDHS) tasked the NHFC to administer, and facilitate delivery and access to FLISP. As FLISP Implementing Agent, the NHFC is expected to:

  • Standardise, streamline, align and centralise all the processes around the planning and the administration of FLISP
  • Introduce a ‘one-stop shop’ with Provincial Human Settlement Departments, financial institutions, property developers and other role players in order to FLISP accessible to targeted beneficiaries.
  • Together with relevant Stakeholders, undertake FLISP awareness campaigns, to make the public aware of the FLISP


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