Who qualifies?

For FLISP subsidy consideration, applicants must produce an 'approval in principle' indicating the approved home loan amount, from a South African accredited financial institution.

Applicants are required to meet all of the following FLISP Qualification Criteria:

  • must be first time home buyer
  • must be a South African citizens with a valid bar-coded identity document (ID), or if a Permanent Resident must have a valid bar-coded permit
  • must be over 18 years old and competent to legally contract
  • must have financial dependents
  • must never have benefitted from any Government Housing Subsidy Scheme before

At the point of applying or submitting a completed FLISP Application Form, a trained FLISP Agent will:
  • conduct an assessment to determine if FLISP Qualification Criteria are met
  • if not yet completed, assist the applicant with completing FLISP Application Forms
  • ask for Certified Copies of the following FLISP Application Supporting Documents:
  1. South African Bar Coded ID Book/ Bar Coded Permanent Residence Permit
  2. Birth Certificates / RSA IDs of all financial dependents (if applicable)
  3. Marriage Certificate, Civil Union Certificate or Cohabiting Affidavit proof of Partnership*
  4. Divorce Settlement (if applicable)
  5. Spouse's Death Certificate (if applicable)
*Affidavits required for informal marriages solemnised under SA Civil Law and must be accompanied by sworn statements to prove authenticity of the relationship of the applicants
  1. Proof of Foster Children Guardianship (if applicable)
  2. Proof of Income / Payslip
  3. Proof of current residence (water & lights account, FICA requirement etc.)
  4. Proof of Home Loan or Approval in Principle
  5. Sale (Buyer/Seller) Agreement
  6. Building Contract and Approved Building Plan (if applicable)
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