The NHFC has identified a number of initiatives that help young people to gain skills and expertise that they need to successfully enter the labour market. The main programmes are:

Internship / Learnership Program
The NHFC has a two-pronged Internship/Learnership Program aimed at helping young people gain skills, expertise and work experience needed to successfully enter the formal labour market.

1. Employed learners:
The purpose is to extend the range of skills and/or upgrade the skills of new/young employees who are interested in strengthening their capacity to meet existing or changing operational needs of their employers, and open up opportunities for job advancement/enrichment or for further learning.

2. Unemployed learners:
The NHFC, in partnership with the Bankseta, takes up a certain number of qualified but unemployed youths to build their skills and provide them with workplace experience, thereby improving the youth’s employability while enabling them to generate some income.

For the recruitment of unemployed youth please refer to the Bankseta website www.bankseta.org.za