The NHFC requires the presentation of a company registration certificate, company profile, a valid Tax Clearance Certificate, and any other support documents that authenticates the legalities, expertise and experience and financial standing of a company for registration in the vendor list – the Procurement Office verifies the validity of all documents.

Approved Suppliers:
A nominated and approved selection panel places each supplier under an evaluation process to determine whether the qualification standards are met, as set by the NHFC Procurement Committee, if appropriate the vendor is added to the NHFC “Approved Supplier” listing.

The appropriate Approved Supplier, at invitation, may offer a quotation, along with two other ‘Approved Suppliers’ for any services or supplies below R100 000 (one hundred thousand rand). In the event that there isn’t a suitable supplier on the Approved Supplier Listing, a tender process will be undertaken. The mysitesion requiring the services or supplies will be required to ‘Motivate’ for the deviance, with the relevant Terms of Reference and estimated cost, for consideration of the Procurement Office and Committee.

The mysitesion’s budget has to be taken into account and depending on the urgency of the matter; a Special Procurement Committee meeting may be convened. If approved, a selection panel will be nominated; a print advert placed in suitable publications with approved Terms of Reference (TOR), details of the request for proposal (RFP) and timings.

The successful bidder, after the evaluation processes, will be awarded the contract subject to the successful finalization and signing of a formal contract, which is checked by the NHFC Legal Services mysitesion, signed by both parties and the provision of all required supporting documents to the NHFC.
Preferred Suppliers

Preferred Suppliers are the buyer’s first choice when contracts are allocated because of their performance in the past and their expected future performance. Preferred suppliers will naturally be certified suppliers since they will have been thoroughly evaluated during their certification process.