NHFC offers wholesale funding in a form of structured loans to Retail Finance Intermediaries (RFIs), who are on-lending to qualifying low and middle income homeowners to improve their housing condition on an incremental/gradual basis. Acceptable end user loan usage includes building a new house, house extension, fixed improvement to a house, connecting to utilities (water, sewerage and electricity), energy efficient retrofits (including solar energy, insulation and other energy innovations), water harvesting, fencing and productive housing.
Incremental Housing Finance (IHF) is facilitated to empower both rural and urban low- income earners to improve their living conditions. NHFC aspires to see Intermediaries grow to a point where they can access funding from other institutions, thus crowding in the private sector as a funding partner to the NHFC.


  • The borrowing entity, whether commercial Micro-Finance Intermediary or Community Based Organisation such as Co-operative Financial Institution or Cooperative, must be a registered legal entity
  • Registered as a credit provider with the National Credit Regulator and willing to supplementary register as a developmental credit provider
  • The MFI must be willing and able to lend in line with the core NHFC mandate
  • Cashflow projections must be financially viable per NHFC criteria
  • Equity contribution is required and is determined on a case by case basis to enable acceptable gearing levels.

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Individuals that want to apply for micro-loans can do so through the following organisations: 

Kanga Finance (Pty) Ltd

Thuthukani Housing Finance (Pty) Ltd

Real People Home Finance (Umuzi)

Home Improvement Finance (Pty) Ltd

SWU Housing Finance (Pty) Ltd

Xtenda Housing Finance (Pty) Ltd

Ibuild Home Loans (Pty) Ltd

Risima Housing Finance Corporation

MTCL t/a Makoko Finance

NCDAS Holding (Pty) Ltd

Incremental Housing

Name of Client

Contact Person


Contact Email

Contact Number

Thuthukani Housing Housing Finance (Pty) Ltd

Mr Mark Seymour

Managing Director

012 804 1443

Kanga Finance (Pty) Ltd

Mr Zhuber Moolla

Manager: Support Services

031 310 7100

Umuzi RF Limited

Mr Werner Nel


082 416 7915

Evolution Credit

Mr Neil Grobbelaar

Group CEO

086 110 1724

SWU Housing Finance (Pty) Ltd

Mr. Jaco Pieterse

CEO: Group Corporate Services

012 643 4211

Ibuild Home Loans (Pty) Ltd

Brett Wilks

Acting CEO

021 701 7106

Home Improvement Finance (Pty) Ltd

Ms Lee-ann Witjenburg


021 851 6357